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Listening to music has a new meaning nowadays. You don’t just want to listen to music, but you also would like to watch the wonderful video clips. Where can you find the best collection of music videos? One site I have found on the web with a great collection of music videos is this Music Blog. This is the biggest collection of music videos, all the music genres included. Whether it is rock, pop, alternative, reggae, rb, hip-hop, latin, metal or electronic, you can have them all.


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Rather than just simply listening to music, here you have the chance to enjoy music even more because you can watch the nice video clips of famous artists and bands. But what will surprise you even more, is that almost beneath every famous video clip, there is a short but very comprehensive description regarding the respective song, the artist, and many interesting things of importance.


For example, if you choose to listen to Eric Clapton’s “Layla” the unplugged version, you will find out many interesting facts. It is already known that Layla belongs to the great classics song list, and with each year that passes, the song becomes an even bigger favorite.  The unplugged version is the best one for this song, and the original version has been released in 1970 and was featured on the album called Layla and Other Asssorted Love Songs. As you can notice, you will also get to learn many important things by accessing the videos library. The culture of good music plays an important role in many people’s lives, and the best way to educate yourself in the field, is through quality youtube music videos online. It is free, and everybody is welcome to enjoy the rich playlists and the wonderful music! Moreover, you will definitely come across many bands and artists you have never heard of before, and you are going to love their music as well. 


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